The process

The creative design process is crucial and it’s this that sets me apart from the rest. Working closely with my clients it’s really important to harness creativity and imagination into a solid design process so our collaborative ideas successfully move from inception to production. 

Whatever the instruction; whether it’s a re-branding brief or self-initiated project, there are four distinct stages:

1 Research

This is the most important stage, it is the unpacking, understanding and researching the purpose and exactly what values underpin the brief or organisation. Then the very nature of ‘thinking behind the brand’ becomes the backbone of the project, it translates into a plan of action; a strategy to help outline specific long-term goals as well as the mission and the story.

2 Develop and define

This is an iterative phase, informed by the strategy set out in the research phase we design, develop and redevelop. The results should create immediate recognition and communicate the story and the strategy (the history and the future).

3 Refine

Refining the output to ensure it looks amazing, that it works well in all required media and within required contexts is a must.

4 Deliver

This is where the specific deliverable assets are produced and delivered.