Wainwright’s map

  “If you trust the person, you trust the book; a strong psychological advantage, for during the course of a lengthy, sometimes arduous journey, the walker comes to think of the author as a companion with an almost physical presence on whom he or she can rely implicitly.”*

This print is Wainwright at first glance, but made up entirely of the coded glyphs created through a series of walks exploring man-made and naturally found mark-making and patterns on the ground. There is a playful irony in making the user take a mindful approach to walk in such a definitive way whilst still leaving translation to the observer. This print is available to purchase for £65 plus postage and is A1 in size.

*'The design of A Wainwright's walker's guides from Lead, kindly light', Information Design Journal 7/1 Reading 1993 A Word in your Eye Ken Garland 1996